Growing up, I barely heard gynaecological health being discussed among women around me, it was and still is a grey subject we tend to shy away from. Gynaecological problems affect the female reproductive system and it is said every woman suffers from a gynaecological issue at some point in her life and out of 10 women at least 5 women suffer from longterm gynaecological problems.

A lot of what I know about gynaecological health came after my mother was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer, a disease also known as the “Silent Killer” due to its symptoms. My mother’s fight with cancer inspired me to raise awareness not only on Ovarian Cancer but also other gynaecological issues we women face in our lifetime.

The Gynae Chick was created to educate and offer guidance to the millenial woman about everything she needs to know about gynaecological health and the importance of listening to her body.