Avocados & Ovaries Brunch Series.

We all love avocados (I’m definitely judging you if you don’t) and 2019 is the year we look after of our ovaries.

Introducing Avocados & Ovaries brunch series, bringing women together to raise awareness of gynaecological health through sharing information and experiences from what to expect when going for your first smear test to knowing the key symptoms of the five gynae cancers.

Connections can really help overcome health challenges, in particular gynaecological challenges as often we may feel like we are the only ones going through it or ashamed to speak of it. Truth is, you are not alone and you shouldn’t feel ashamed, we all have the same reproductive system and there is a lot we can learn from one another through sharing our experiences.

The first Avocado & Ovaries brunch will be on 04 May 2019 in Birmingham, and it will be in aid of World Ovarian Cancer Day which is on 08 May 2019. Come along to this morning of talks, networking and best of all......food and coffee! Tickets are available here.

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