It's Launch Day - Welcome to The Gynae Chick


The Gynae Chick is a virtual space dedicated to raising awareness on all aspects gynaecological health among young women. From ovarian cancer to what to expect when going for your first smear first. We believe gynaecological health should be every woman’s business and that is why we are keen to spread the word and make sure the women in our lives from our mothers, daughters to sisters are symptoms aware.

In the midst of everyday life, health issues happen from battling with infertility to kicking cancer’s butt, and it can often be lonely road when dealing with health challenges. At The Gynae Chick, we want to highlight these everyday struggles along with the power that comes with knowing your body through engaging with women who have one way or another been affected by gynae health.

Your voice and story has the power to help someone else who may going through the same experience but not sure who speak or turn to. We hope that the Gynae Chick motivates young women to not be ashamed, speak up and break the taboo surrounding gynaecological health.

Life isn’t always perfect and dealing with gynaecological health does not make it any easier, but we can navigate the journey together.