Growing up, I barely heard anything related to gynaecological health being discussed among the women around me, it was and still is a grey subject we tend to shy away from, with majority of women often feeling embarrassed to talk about their gynae health.

A lot of what I currently know about gynaecological health came after both my mother and grandmother were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and personal health challenges I have faced in the recent years. I was recently tested for the BRCA Gene Mutation due to my family history, both my genetics testing experience and watching two loved ones battle cancer inspired me to raise awareness on ovarian cancer and the BRCA gene mutation.

I dream of a future where no woman dies of ovarian cancer and I hope more women, particularly young women with family histories like mine, will learn more about hereditary cancers and take the necessary precautions.

I believe, gynaecological health should be every woman’s business. The Gynae Chick was created to raise awareness on gynaecological health among young women, from PCOS to what to expect when going for your first smear test, so that they can be informed and symptoms aware and challenge the society misogyny surrounding gynaecological health.

The Gynae Chick is solely for support services and is not to be constructed as medical advice or to be replaced as medical professional advice. Whilst, our aim is to share experiences, educate and learn from one another, none of this information should replace the advice of medical professional and encourage you to reach out to your GP to full medical advice.